Sunday, March 31, 2013

Amazing Job and Challenge Questions

I have been thinking this week about how much I love my job. 

My own boss
Work from home
Make my own hours
Work anywhere in the world
Help people live healthier lives

Some of the amazing things I know I will be able to add to that list in the near future

Great financial freedom
Live my dreams

What I am getting out of my job right now is just amazing. I just can't wait to get complete financial freedom. And my dreams will just keep getting bigger and bigger. The wonderful thing about it though is that I will be able to continue to live out those dreams.

Here is a dream board I made. I can't wait until I can put bigger dreams on it!

Here are my "shrinking beauty" questions for the week to help keep me focused on my weight loss

Day 1: What are your current stats? Explain how many calories  you will be eating every day and what exercise you will be doing. This is a little hard for me, but here goes. Weight=171 lbs ~ thats all i can measure for now. Days that I do workout ~ anywhere between 1300 and 1500 calories. On rest days ~ around 1200 calories. My workouts will consist of mainly cardio with a little bit of strength training. And my #1 must for every day... Juice Plus!
Day 2: How many pounds do you hope to lose by the end of the challenge? How many pounds do you EXPECT you will lose? I would hope to lose 15-20lbs, but I only expect maybe.. 10lbs
Day 3: What is your ultimate goal weight that you have set for yourself? Why have you chosen that number? My ultimate goal weight we be 120 because I'm only 5'1" and the ideal weight for someone that height is 105-130
Day 4: Will you be losing weight in a healthy way or in an unhealthy way? Explain why.
In a healthy way of course, cause I would like to keep it off!! No more fat girl for me!
Day 5: Besides losing weight, what else do you hope to accomplish by completing The ShrinkingBeauty 30 Day Challenge? I would hope to have bettered my eating habits. Maybe go completely clean.
Day 6: Why do you want to lose weight? What is the main reason? Ain't nobody got time for FAT! :-) I just want to be healthier, feel comfortable about the way I look.
Day 7: Are you insecure about your body? If yes, which area(s) in particular? If no, explain why you want to change it then. I am. Mostly insecure about my tummy area {I got asked the other day, by my mom, if I was pregnant again OUCH!} :-( 

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